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Ktha: Our Studio

This is Ktha, our studio at Mumbai, where team Pallavi Goenka Homes function. Ktha is our thinking space where we have our brainstorming sessions related to design, meeting with clients with soothing art of PGH around us to keep us inspired always.


Art in India has always been synonymous with the culture and the life of the people around it. The heritage discoveries across the Indian subcontinent showcase important events of various eras and how it influenced and enhanced the simple rituals from the day to day life. The beautiful thing about art and architecture is that different styles born amidst diverse communities, eventually become their identity.

Over the years, Pallavi Goenka has studied the various art forms and understood the implication of the art on the daily lives of the individuals who dwell in this diverse and culturally rich land. It is this understanding of the Indian heritage that inspired her to lay the foundation of the Pallavi Goenka Homes, where the aim is to keep these rare art forms alive in light of the contemporary needs of the day. 


Our exclusive collection showcases how art empowers us to tell our unique stories in a more personalized way and enhances the value to the day to day functional life.

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Design Values

We know what your home means to you, and we desire to create the warmest and most positive vibe in that place you call Home. The complex combinations of tone, color and surface merge into harmonies that are reminiscent of life's underlying cycles - sensed but not easily recognized. Pallavi Goenka Homes offers a space for contemplation that distills her ongoing inquiry into the correlations between Art, Life and Nature.


Thus your home now, is not a layer of bricks, but a stack of memories bound together with rich art and history and given the requisite palate of color and taste. That ultimate destination that you retire at, will resonate with your personality, as it holds its roots in the past and blooms in the present.

The Team

Pallavi and the team practices material dissolution and regeneration along with the process of mixing, fusing, deconstructing and redefining Art.

We have mastered the unique technique of re-configuring pre-existing works from the past century. Crafts, antique pieces, handmade developments or folk art, we adapt the essence and retain the authenticity while rendering it into a new compositions, onto new surfaces using latest technology and modern material palettes. This method provides Pallavi with not only a never ending source of new beginnings but also an important meditative, mystic practice of manifesting her ideas and visuals into new form and pattern which has a global appeal and reach.

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What we do

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